Installing Comments Widget for Blogger Blogs

So here is the comments widget for blogger and this is very easy to use, before we tell you the method of adding comments widget to your blogger blog we have to discuss the way that how does it work and how does it looks. So here is the screen shot of this widget which quite nice and work in almost all type of blogger blogs.

  • This widget create the new looks on your comment section.   
  • If the other comment section get disturb it works good for any kind of blog.
  • Well if any new person came to your blog and want to see that is this active blog then he just look on the comment section blog and the new comments on your blog is appeared on the left side then the new user easily know that this is active blog, so this is one of good way to remain your blog look active.
  • Blog look more beautiful then before.
  • It will remain your blog active.

So now here are some steps to add this widget to your blogger blog.

      Ø      Go to blogger Dashboard
      Ø      Click on Layout of blogger blog
      Ø      Click on Add a gadget on the page
      Ø      Now a new window appear and click on HTML/Javascript after scrolling the box to down
      Ø      Insert the blow code into the field

Replace your-blog-name with your blog url.

So now save it .



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