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Top 4 Tools That Can Save You Hours

Top 4 Tools That Can Save You Hours The majority of people are not inclined toward growth. They’ll just stick to the same old patterns, work habits and simply resist introducing any changes to their lives. I belonged to the same pack until I, one day, realized something very important — what we learn this year will shape the results we have in the next one.

Since we are getting near the end of 2016, now is a good time to reflect on the past ten months and take a look at your results. Was there something you could have done better? Is there a particular task where you lost several hours? Have you missed out on learning new things which could ensure faster progress in 2017?

If your answer to these questions is yes, then can you spot the common denominator for each?

Look, i don’t want to drag you around with these questions anymore, but I just want you to recognize what we are trying to solve here. And yes, you got it, it’s the lack of time.

I completely agree with Steve Jobs that time is the biggest luxury we have in this digital world of ours. Therefore, lack of time is the biggest performance killer of them all, simply due to the fact that you need time to learn new things and develop.

The bottom line?

Use software to speed up all possible processes and use the extra time to develop your skills and finally, your career.

To help you out in this newly reformed approach to work, I wanted to share some of the tools I use on a regular basis to speed up processes, reduce stress and finally achieve better results for myself and my company.

Here are the some useful tools that you can check out::


There is simply no escaping the good old PDF. This is especially well known to those of us that receive PDF documents from different stakeholders on a daily basis, but I am sure you can identify with the fact that PDF is still very much alive, as a document format.

There are several things that we need to do with PDF documents that require time:

  • Editing PDF content
  • Transferring PDF into MS Word or Excel
  • Adding password protection to our files

Each of these takes hours to complete manually, which is why it's smart to equip yourself with a piece of software that automates that boring PDF related work.

Able2Extract is a PDF converter, creator and editor that allows users to juggle between MS Office and PDF easily and effortlessly. It converts PDF to more than a dozen other file formats (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, AutoCAD included) and gives you the ability to do some on page PDF editing.

I will not praise the tool anymore, because it can do that on its own, which is why you should download it from here and give it a spin. It will literally save you hours per document.

This is my favorite free app for connecting with influencers through social media. Once you come across a social profile anywhere online, will recognize it and provide you with that person’s other connected social profiles.

For example, I might have an ongoing conversation with someone on Twitter that I would like to expand into other social networks. First I log into Discoverly and connect all my social platforms.

Then I go to that person’s Twitter profile and click on the little green box on the left. will quickly provide me with all of their active social accounts, like Facebook, Linkedin, Foursquare and many more.  

Given the fact that each social network has its own use, this tool gives gives you a chance to reach out and expand your social acquaintances. And who knows, maybe some of them will lead to a productive collaboration on each end. is available for download on the Chrome store.


I use MozBar on a regular basis and it’s completely free as well. Moz is a company that has provided quality solutions in the digital marketing field, starting with their open site explorer and has moved the KPI needle of many businesses who use it to optimize their web presence.

Mozbar is their baby Chrome app (as I like to call it) and is actually very useful when you’re checking your keyword rankings on various search engines and locations. Previously, you would have to configure a proxy for each geographical area that you’re interested in, but now you can just set up your desired search engine and language and let this fine app do everything for you.

Besides Google, it can check the SERP for both Yahoo and Bing, giving you a full picture of your organic rankings. If you have a Moz account then it can also retrieve the domain information right on the SERP, saving you even more time.


If you are writing your own content and you’re not using Grammarly then you are missing out, big time. In case you are not familiar with this superstar app, Grammarly helps you get rid of any mistakes, misspellings and grammatical errors that you might make when writing a lengthy piece of content

It ensures that everything you publish is grammatically correct, which in turn ensures that the big bad Panda does not downrank you for low quality content.

There are both free and premium plans available and, while the free is sufficient for native speakers, I suggest stretching out for that premium plan. It will identify both critical and advanced mistakes, provide suggestions for improved wording and just generally nurture your writing into a more technically advanced area.

So, there you have it guys. Four tools that can save hours in all areas of work: from administrative documents to SEO and content.

The only thing remaining is that you take this extra time and spend it somewhere productive. Just keep looking forward and doing interesting stuff — let the software do the heavy work for you.

About the author:

Luka Petkovic is a junior marketing manager at He often writes about digital marketing and data analysis on his company’s official blog. You can find him on Twitter and LinkedIn, where he regularly posts about topics regarding the emerging technologies, productivity and marketing.

How To 10X Your Instagram Likes From Customer Engagement

The number of users on Instagram was certified to have crossed the 500M mark in recent weeks and this in no doubt highlights the huge market potential that is open to businesses that are social-media savvy. To understand how to increase your Instagram likes through customer engagement is to open a new chapter of endless possibilities for your business.
Why Customer Engagement Works
Customer engagement describes a connection or interaction between a brand and a customer and it can also be explained as customer to customer interaction. In each case, someone has to drive the engagement and it can take place online or offline.
What the law of double peak espouses is that every social media outlet gets to a point of diminishing returns in organic growth that will necessitate paid marketing for users to maximize the opportunities it provides. In other words, after an organic era of enthusiastic following and engagement, an era of paid outreach will emerge for you to get corresponding results.
From the intent of the law of double peak, you will realize that the endgame of the interaction is not just to have customer engagement. It is geared to generate likes in order to give your business, service or product the platform to be discovered, reviewed and ultimately- to convert the Instagram user to a customer.
Here are some steps you need to take to 10x your Instagram likes from customer engagement:

1. Localize Your Business
In this age of globalization, it is easy to think that playing the Instagram game means going universal in your thinking and approach. This might not be so if you are not a multinational or if you do not derive a sizeable percentage of your patronage from oversea or far-flung markets.
If you are based in New York, consider adding the name to your bio so that anyone who resides in your city can feel a bond of familiarity with your brand. If you're into fashion accessories or designs, chances are that when people buy local, the cost of your product will be competitive as delivery charges will be minimal.
Let your audience know that you are in the same city with them and make bold to show that on your posts. Use hashtags and this will have a viral carry-on effect. For example #newyorkcity or #miamiFL can exponentially increase your likes to your amazement!
2. Get Your Posting Schedules Right
A research of ideas on what to post as images and back-up text is the beginning point of effective social media engagement. Beyond the quality of your posts, you also need to ensure that your audience will be able to see your posts to for them to appreciate and click ‘like’ accordingly. To get this part right, you might need to use suitable apps like Iconosquare or Schedugram to help you in this regard.
What scheduling apps can do for you is to provide a range of post times that are best suited for your audience in order for them to view your posts or be able to respond as you desire. You do not want to post well-researched or exquisite images only for no one to see them. The best bet is to identify your potential peak engagement time so your posts will be delivered at such intervals for best results.
3. Target Your Competitors
Your competitors have followers that are visible on Instagram and when you succeed in your at competitor research, you can target some of these followers. Specifically, you want to see active followers and reach out to them. Doing this is easy to implement and using ideas that work is central to getting the desired results.
For every Instagram account that you are targeting, make a list of 100 followers from your competitor’s account and follow them. Click ‘like’ on their posts and comment accordingly so as to attract a follow-back, a comment or a ‘like’. The way social media works is such that reciprocity is prevalent. Anyone who sees your comments and likes is in a vantage position to peek at your page and do the same.
4. Targeting Influencers
Influencers have large accounts and are followed by sizeable Instagram users. As such, they are able to make a difference. While influencer marketing is not free, it is such that is result oriented and you will be glad that every dollar spent is a productive investment. Since it is targeted at generating more likes for your brand by boosting consumer engagement, it will be worthwhile.  
Influencer marketing brings the leverage of popular bloggers or industry voices to bear on your business. If you make a shortlist of 3 to 5 influencers in your field, you only need to follow them and send a private message across to get their attention. Depending on what you agree with your influencers, they can post a link to your product page on a visible spot so that their followers can see act on it.
Some influencers can post your account details on their page and ask their followers to like and follow your Instagram account. In this way, you will be amazed that up to 30 percent of their followers can follow your brand and ‘like’ your posts seamlessly.
5. Never Forget a Call to Action
No post should ever grace your social media page without a call-to-action as this is the marketing hook that is sure to grow your brand ‘likes’ and account following. It can help you multiply by 10x your Instagram likes from customer engagement. Depending on what you intent is; if you post an image on a classy note, leave a call-to-action in a compelling manner so that anyone who stops by the post will either follow your account, click ‘like’ or carry out both actions.
Brand influencers have an edge in this respect as they always insert a call-to-action on their posts which their followers will act on decidedly once it comes to their attention. Using the appropriate words in a concise and unambiguous approach is one sure way to optimize your CTA for best results. New Interface, Design, Looks & Tips

Here is new design of basically VKontakte interface looks and there tips. VK actually  a largest social networking site in Russia, due to there native language its not popular in Eng language countries, but VK also available in English, now they change its design to totally awesome.

According to VK blog post they updated the core design and its working on April 2016

The social network was launched in October 2006. Since then, we have been working to provide the easiest, fastest and most attractive way of social network communication. And now, after ten very long years, we are finally introducing a large-scale update of our website.

We have been working on this massive update over the past 1.5 years. We have carefully studied, analyzed and designed every detail in painstaking fashion. Today, we are going one extra step as we move forward to keep our site current.

The new design’s guiding principle is that VK looks similarly on all devices. Website visitors should, with ease, find and use whatever they want on VK’s smartphone app and internet site.

We have increased the width of the screen, enlarged the font size and cut out unnecessary elements. In general, we have strived to make our site more user-friendly. Now there is more space for useful features. Moreover, we have updated the left-side column with shorter menu names, new icons and popular sections – such as News and Messages – were moved upwards.


Every element was redesigned with close attention to detail. Feed posts are now more visible, news lists are located in a separate column on the right-hand side of the screen. An additional Search option and a link to the Comments section have been included. To enable the smart feed, click on “Interesting at the top”, which can be found right below this column. new interface


The Messages section has been rewritten from scratch so that the list of recent chats is simultaneously displayed left of the current chat. It is now easier to shift between different conversations while messaging. Unread messages are marked with a blue dot that disappears when the message is read. A person’s online status is indicated with a green dot. messages


Personal updates (likes, friend requests, mentions, birthdays and other events) can now be found in the redesigned Notifications section. To keep current with important news, you can subscribe to other personal and community pages to receive instant updates. When there is a new notification, a red dot appears on the "bell" icon, which is next to the Search bar. notification


Pictures located in Albums and Photos are larger and displayed in magazine style. The photo window is oriented horizontally to better use the space provided by widescreen displays. Comments were switched to the right side so that there is no need to scroll down. Instead, you can view photos and comments concurrently. photos

Other Sections

Every section on VK has been modified without exception, including information regarding VK that can be found in Company Info, Products and VK Jobs. Our team will share additional news about updates and products here on VK’s relaunched blog.

For now, we are launching a beta version of our updated website to a limited audience, an opportunity which is open to all VK users.

Data derived from :

Top 8 Online Plagiarism Checker Tools To Find Duplicate Content of Page or Website

Top 8 Online Plagiarism Checker Tools To Find Duplicate Content of Page or Website

#1. "Small SEO Tools" – Plagiarism Checker 

The Online Plagiarism Checker apparatus by Small SEO Tools is the most prevalent stage for checking copy content from article. There is no compelling reason to download any product. You simply need to glue your substance into the space given and snap "Check For Plagiarism" catch. The preparing will begin from 0 to 100%. The red lines demonstrate the duplicates or copy content while green shows interesting lines.

Visit Website Now 

#2. Plagium 

Plagium is another best Online Plagiarism Checker instrument. In the event that you don't need to seek alot, then this is Ok for you, however in the event that you need to inquiry articles in handfuls then you need to pay expenses. There shoddy enrollment will gives you profound hunting through different web crawlers down finding related posts/article or substance.

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#3. Plag Tracker 

Plag Traker is simply one more site for Online Plagiarism Checker. Like SmallSEOTools, you have to glue your article and snap "Begin Checking" catch as results will be appeared to you. Be that as it may, in the event that you likewise needs to check and right your linguistic use botches on the web, then you need to go for premium participation. Additionally Watch: 7 Premium WordPress Themes For Free Download

Visit Website Now 

#4. CopyScape 

In the event that you needs to check copy content from some connection, then this site is best for you. I this online literary theft checker instrument, you simply need to glue the connection frame your site or website and press enter ( or click on Go catch). The following page will demonstrate to you the outcomes. You needn't bother with any enrollment for utilizing it.

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#5. PlagScan 

Another quick online copyright infringement checker is PlagScan. This site is likewise simply like PlagTracker where you need to duplicate and glue the substance. In the wake of checking for "I'm not a robot", click on Start Analysis. In the wake of driving, it will demonstrates to you the replicated stuff from different locales.

Visit Site Now 

#6. Plagiarisma 

Online Plagiarism Checker (scanner) that can be used online with more than 180+ dialects. I endeavored to enroll yet I got a couple issues joining. Perhaps it is just me. Coincidentally, you can even now use it without enlistment yet simply confined structure is available for those customers who are not enrolled. Likewise See: 7 Best Sites To Create Free Logos Online

Visit Website Here 


It is a period saver and brisk instrument for scaning your substance. You simply need to duplicate and glue your substance to check or you can likewise transfer a document to the site. It will naturally picks your content record and begin doing handle on that. At that point, you can hunt down the replicated content by basically hitting the "Pursuit" catch.

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The most accurate & FREE online duplicate content checker! Instantly find copies of your web page. Try now!