How To Install The Favicon To Blogger Blog

Here the complete and easy method to install the favicon to the website which use blogger. You can add favicon to the blog in many ways like going to blogger html section >> then editing the blogger theme to add the favicon, but here i am gonna share you the easy way to install the icon to your blog just as clicking no code need to put.

Now what you have to do just follow these simple steps.

  • Open your blogger blog dashboard.
  • Click the Drop-Down arrow and go to the layout of your blogger blog.
  • Now in upper left corner o layout you can see favicon button click on edit button.
  • The new box appear and click on the brows button to insert the favicon to website.
  • Now click on save.
  • And next the box will close.
  • You must restart the browser to see the effect, if you still now seeing favicon the you must clear the firefox, google chrome or internet explorer history to see the changes you made.
  • Here the screen shop ever step.

  •  Adding favicon with simple way.

  • Now you have to remember these things while adding favicon
  • Favicon site is not greater then 100kb
  • And your favicon sized should be square in pixel like 16x16 or 32x32
           (If the setting is not the same as i said then it may cause the problem in installing the icon)

Now simple save your setting and you are done. You must restart your browser to works fine, may be there is problem in viewing the icon, you must clear the browser history.

If there is any problem let ask in comment i am here to help you out.

Explore the main website where you find some better widgets and gadgets for your website which running on blogger blog.
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How To Increase Traffic To Blogger Blog Dramatically

The main aim for making the blog on blogger is to getting traffic on the blog and there are many ways to get the traffic on your site. Its very easy you have to keep updating your blog and do some work on social media and linking and you will get your traffic after the time passed. 

Here i am showing you some major techniques which allows you get maximum traffic to your blogger blog. You just have to do some little work on it.

There are many sources that you can increase the visitors to your site but here i am showing you the ways that not only enhance your traffic but also cause to increase your site visibility on search engines. here they are,

  •  Facebook page and group posting
  • Yahoo answers and groups
  • Tumblr, twitter and other social media post
  • Guest post on your related niche sites
  • Google adword traffic
  • High traffic blog comments
  • forum posting on high PR
  • Google plus traffic
  • Press releases, news and classified submit
 Now just in final case your are qualify for all of that ways i mentions above you will not only get traffic from it but also increase your site ranking overall in search engines.

Facebook Page and Group Post:                                                    

As everybody know the importance of like on Facebook and its traffic, You must make an official page of your site on facebook, Add it on your site to like your website page, Go and search facebook groups join the groups which has more then 20,000 members and post your website on it. This way you will get many visitors to your site for free.
(If you direct post your facbook fan page url, you will get maximum likes to your site)

Yahoo Answers and Groups:                                                          

Yahoo answers and groups are also best place to get traffic to your website you can enhance your site links and visitors by using this method, You must post your site where its relevant to it. Like if your site is all about fashion then you have to link it to fashion topic question or groups in  yahoo, It will also increase site performance.

Twitter Tumblr and other social network:                                    

You should also make some profiles on twitter, tumblr and other social networks like Xanga, Linkedin. Delicious, Pintrest and many more. On that point you will also get little but traffic but its increase your site ranking in Google search engine and you will got many powerful visitors to your site. If the social points not bring the visitors then it really cause to make you better in search eyes.

Guest Post on Related Websites:                                                   

That's the most powerful way to get instant traffic to your website if you find some related to your niche sites simple contact them and ask that you have some good articles and want to publish on there website, If you article is good and enough you got approved, Now simple in article foot add little description about your site and article writer, That's it when someone read's it they surely get involved in your site while clicking on the link that you leave on the footer of article.

Suppose your site is all about seo tips then the big site which accept the guest post is you just have to signup on it and provide the valuable content on it, Remember your article not only should be unique but also provide the unique idea on it. At this time of posting its Alexa rank is 256

Google Adword Traffic:                                                                 

There is also another way to get the target traffic to your website, you just have to add a campaign to Google adword which is pay method to do, you have to pay per click on your site to get traffic, this is fully target traffic, you need to put the keywords and some description to add the profile, minimum you can get 0.02$ per click to your aid.

Blog comments:                                                                              

At this time even blog comments comes into the spam category in google eyes, but still you can get better traffic from it, Some high pr blogs and high level alexa traffic rank sites you can get better traffic for you. Sites like, techchrunch, mashable, and other major sites still bring some better visitors to your website. Just try to get it. Must leave relevant comment to get faster approval.

Forum Posting:                                                                               

Forums are also better way to get targated traffic to your site, if you are good internet searcher you can try to find top alexa rank forums where the traffic should be huge, can also incrase your site traffic. I would like to show some sites like,, are most common and well know websites. you can try to get post your site link in thread reply.

Press Release News Classifieds:                                                   

You should try to get post on press release sites like,, and these are the most powerful sites or you have to search in google for top press release websites and then post you information on it.

You can also bring some serious visitors from classifieds websites, you should post some classifieds on and and some other high traffic websites. With this way you can also get the better traffic to your website.

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How To Add Custom Domain Name To Blogger Blog

I am showing you the powerful and easy method to install the custom domain to your blogger blog with some simple steps. Do you know why we need custom domain for blogger blog without using ?

I am going to tell you why we should use custom domain on blogger to get more powerful results and for professional point of view.

  1. Using your own domain name increase the visitors to your website and your site looks professional.
  2. You can enhance the audience and your working style.
  3. Its very frustrating if you have domain, because its considered like normal sub-domain blog.
  4. Its easy to add your domain name to your blogger blog. (Previously mbgadget is not a blogspot free domain but now i moved it to working doamin). 
  5. If you use your own professional .com, .net domain or any other brand name then its more secure and powerful then normal.
Here are some major work that you have to do when adding your own domain name to blogspot blogs, Remember  you have to do that professionally.

You have to do these steps for adding your domain on blogger.

  • Go to blogger dashboard
  • Select your blog that you want to add a custom domain
  • Go to setting while clicking on the down arrow button display along with blogger.
  • Now in a Basic setting under publishing section you can see the link to +add a custom domain click on it now.

  •  Now you have to insert the domain name into the field which display after clicking on add a custom domain link.
  • Be sure that you added www before adding the domain. (Here in blogger you can't use naked domain as main, if your hosting account allows this then it may possible).
  • Download the setting file and read instruction link how to setup the DNS to your domain. (I explain it here). Read some setting of domain here
  • Copy all CNAME setting that displayed on your page (like image below) to text document and it will use in domain settings. here are some cname setting about it

Now you just have to install the DNS setting on your domain manager and its very easy to do here is the step 3 which is installing the DNS or CNAME setting to your domain manager.


  • Go to your domain controller where you buy the domain, like godaddy, namecheap, or or any site where you buy your domain.
  • Just look up at domain dns setting you have to set it that you copied in a text file previously.
  • Set the DNS to
  • Complete the Label, Name, Host field section in your domain account and Set the Cname exactly your blogger account provides you.
  • Now wait a little time and add the domain like the above picture shows.
Remember you have to add DNS before adding your domain name to blogger if you do this before the dns setup you got error that "blogger cannot able to verify your domain"

After adding all of that you can enhance your blogger style with widgets explore more about widgets just go to homepage and see the powerful widgets which change the looks of your blog amazingly.

If there is any problem just let ask here and i try to solve it.

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Adding A Related Posts Widget To Blogger With Thumbnail

Here is one more tip to show related post widget for blogger, It is very important to add the gadget because it will increase the visitors on your site without spending to much time on seo, if you go to the depth then you will easily find that related post widget or gadget comes at the main source of SEO level. So if you really interested to and want to display the related posts in which the posts are open you just have to edit some steps that i tell you here,

There are also many other related post widget over there but this one is also contain the thumbnail so you can also see the thumbnail if the post has image added. (See Category Widget Blogger)

So here is what you have to do, it is very simple

  • Go to blogger dashboard
  • Click on the Template section of the blogger that you want to add widget
  • Now a new page appear and click on Edit HTML Button
  • And next you have to find the code
  • (See RSS Feed Widget blogger)

    Find this code in template </head>  After this

    • Now paste this code on above </head> tag

    Now find this code in template <div class='post-footer'> After this

    • Paste this code above of <div class='post-footer'> code

       Now you are done and your gadget is installed successfully.

      You have to refresh your blog to see the changes, and i am fully concentrate the code and its works, i also tried it on many other blogs before adding it here.  Edited code from helplogger

      Why use this widget:                                                                                                 

      You know there are many options that why we use this gadget to blogger blog. Actually if you are going to build the most page views of your blog then you have to add this gadget and ofcourse it will create much much positive response to your traffic and your page views increase many times more then normal. See how to blogger related posts

      If a reader reads the whole article then he/she is also interested to read your other articles so it is not just a gadget it also increase the website performance.

      If there is any problem by installing the widget just ask in comments and i will solve it for you free, please feel free to as it.
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