Friday, 4 July 2014

Releasing "Blue Chromeat" Blogger Template Free Download

I am glad to introduce you a new stylish blogger template which include many option that you must install it on your site. This template is totally designed by me, and its name is "Chromeat". I am adding total chrome app which looks like google chrome application site.                               

  • Simple upload the template to your blog by clicking on Template >> backup/restore at right corner of blog.
  • Here is how to add the social media button to this theme. (If not attached)
  • Simple add the gadget with name of social media and add the following code in it (It will also add the facebook popup box)


           You have to find the line in the above code and replace it with your own facebook page. Don't change anything otherwise the code will not work.
  • To add a sticky text on above of all post you must drag the html/javascript widget on above of all post like this and add the following code in it, you can also edit the text at what ever you want.


  • You can edit this code just  change the text what ever you want, 
  • change the IMG url that you want to display the image.
  • Change the URL to what you want to link the image.
  • You can also Ignore this widget if you want

  1. To add the popular Posts simple add the popular posts widget and its looks same like it shown in blog
  2. To add Tags just add the tags widget in default blogger gadgets, and your tags looks same like above.
  3. You must also Remain the widget place same like shown on above picture to see the right view of site

Please Respect the Credits and Links, There is too much hard work done by me to complete this theme.

If you feel any problem to install it, just let me know in comments.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Add Boarder around Images of Blogger Blog

Images looks ugly especially when you are using the internet pages, you must add boarder to images in blogger blog. With this your images looks more pretty and a normal ready can understand where the images are closing. If the background of your website is white and you are adding the white image it creates a different situation, and can be identified image close pixel.

For this you have to add beautiful boarder to blogger blog.


To do this you have to do some simple steps.
  • Login to blogger Dashboard
  • Go to Template -- > Edit HTML
  • Find the following code
  • Just above this code insert this code
  • Save Setting, and you are done.

  1. You can also edit the setting in the code, change the color by editing # code, you can insert any code color that you want.
  2. Also change the padding and radius of boarder.
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Feel any problem in installing just let me know in comments.

Friday, 27 June 2014

How to Know How Much Traffic a Website is Getting

There are many ways to check how much traffic a website is getting, here I share 10 ways to check it, and you can try any one that you want.
Traffic of website is actually a visitors on a website, there are many services and website on internet available that shows the website status, alexa is top of them, but to know the exactly visits you must have access on the website, if don’t you can use any of tips that I share here.

1.    Alexa

Alexa is top rank site which shows the total visitors and incoming traffic graph, it has many information about a website, normally if website get index in google and getting some traffic then it also indexed in alexa and then alexa automatically shows the ranking according to its algorithm. Visit website now, just enter the url of website in search term and you are on.

2.    Google Analytics

For this term you must have access to the website back-end, without access you can’t able to use it, you must follow the other ways to find the total visitors. Just add website in google analytics and you must also verify your site. After max of 24 hours your visitors with graph of countries and browsers displays when you check it out on main page visit google analytics.

3.    Compete

That most powerful tool that you can also find the total visitors, which is nearly close to its real, compete widely used to check the traffic of website, you must go and view it. You can also find the competitor site traffic. It’s very flexible. Visit the website now.

4.    Quantcast

Quantcast another tool which not only shows the total site traffic it shows the complete graph that how the site is designed. How much errors this website have. This website is also free to use, you can also buy premium membership of it.Visit the site for more info.

5.    Simrush

Simrush is another leading website which used widely to check the site position and how much traffic website is getting and where and in which ways. Simrush is really something you buy premium membership. While using the premium membership you have access to the competitor traffic sources, you can easily watch that my site how much better perform in search engines.

There is also free membership but it has limited access, for more and powerful acknowledge you must buy premium. Visit the website.

6.    Traffic Estimate

Another powerful and compatible site which estimation is more than 95% accurate, you must use it. It’s totally free and also shows the details graph of traffic that where and which ways the website gets the traffic.

Site design is very unique and I mostly check the site visitors using this website, there is no cast and you can signup to get more options while checking the website.

7.    Comscore

Another great tool provide the information about any website, it also allows to check the competitor website without have back access. It is American based analytic company providing the marketing data and analysis to world largest companies and agencies. Visit the website and enter the site information that you want on the main screen.

8.    Statscrop

Another web service that make you to explore the site information and its total traffic history, this site also allows you to check the competitor’s website works.
Statscrop is also used to get a backlink to your site, actually this site also index the page of site back on google and other website search engines. With this you got the backlink also. Visit the website.

9.    Webstatsdomain

Another popular website allows you to make analysis of data from domain and keywords. You can also track the statistic parameters, if you signup of their website. This site also have whois record tool which is better to know the competitor information.

Webstatsdomain also have another tools like page rank checker you can also explore it, while checking the site you also get this info in the main panel.

10.    Siteworthtraffic

Another site which is total free to used, its design is very easy to understand, you can estimate value daily pageview, daily visitors of website that you check on the main site.

Site is very popular to get index another site quickly, If you register a new website then simple go on the site and search your site, with this you will get a page contains the information about your site, google capture it and index your site very quickly. Visit now.

If you have another site please let share on the comments below, sites must have good acknowledge in site info performance.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Upload Videos to Blogger Blog (Without Youtube and other sites)

You can now easily upload videos to blogger without using youtube, because youtube is now blocked in many countries and can’t able to play it. You must upload it directly or you have to use other sources to add videos on it.

There are many ways to add video on blogger blog; you can use vimeo, daily motion, metacafe other other video sharing sites just search in google and you will be hit many sites to upload your video, But adding the short of all these sites also add some type of ads on your site and it will annoy the user to stay on your site and also create bad impact, You must upload video at your own.

Direct Upload                                 

  • Simple you can direct upload a video.
  • Click on video img link when you posting in blogger.
  • A box appears, click on upload video, select video from your computer and simple upload it by clicking on upload button.
Host Upload

With this you have to signup on someone else free hosting website like 000webhost and upload a flv video file to server and that’s it, now you have to add it on your site, with this you will not get any type of ads while playing the video.

       Your video file must be FLV format                                

  • Go to 000webhost.
  • Signup using email address, once done.
  • Click on Create New on list of domains.

  • Enter domain name in or, I will choose your free subdomain (recommended).
  • Choose password and click on setup new account.
  • Once done your sub-domain will active in next some seconds.

  • Now the sub-domain is active and click on Go To Cpanel

  • Next in Files section click on FTP Details

  • You will see the following screen

  • Copy the FTP host name, username.
  • Password is hidden, (Its same password when you use while signup on the site).

Download cute ftp and install it on your pc. One done open the software and you will see the screen like below.

  • In host filed insert the host name that you copied from website
  • In username filed insert the username that you copied from the site.
  • And password, you must insert the password which you entered while signup.
  • Click on connect button.

  • Open public_html folder and open the file location from left menu.

  • Select the file and click on upload button like below screenshot.
  • You will see the progress bar in the bottom box.
  • Once done you are ready.

  • Now go back to 000webhost  and go to Cpanel under files section click on File Manager

  • Open Public_html folder and delete index.html or index.php file.
  • Open sub-domain link in browser, and you will see the file you selected in cuteftp is now uploaded.
  • Open the sub-domain that you made, in browser.
  • Right click on the video file and click on copy link location. 

Replace the word Video-URL in above code with link that you copied while clicking on copy link location.
After Edit the code just insert it into the HTML section of the post where you want to add.


You can also define the height and width of the video, change whatever you want that fit on your blog.

Next time whenever you need to upload video just open cuteftp and insert the video and upload, use this code to insert video on your blog.

If you feel any problem while uploading the files you may consult me here in comments.
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