How to Tie a Tie Knot with Step by Step and Pictures

This article is all about how to tie a tie knot with Step by Step and Pictures,

Ensure the tie tucked under its collar around your neck. The wide-angle end than the thin end should hang longer. Take both ends of the hands, and placed in one end of the narrow end wide.

  • The Wide end should go to the back of the narrow end of the round, it is the beginning of it on the side. Neck and put it through the hole you've created to pull down and make both ends before you hang together.
  • Take The wide-angle end and pass it through the knot you have created. Pull to tighten.
  • Another elegant, more traditional knot Windsor knot. It looks very good, expensive French shirt, and show that you are proud of your appearance. This knot is the knot four to stronger hands, will meet the more expensive and longer tie.
  • The same place at one end of your neck tie wide hanging low. Cross wide a complete circle so that it ended the narrow end.
  • Take The wide-angle end, and push it through you have now created a hole in his neck.
  • Take The wide-angle end and wrap knot behind.
  • Put through the neck hole, this time from the top of the wide end down.
  • Place knot the wide end around the front end neatly.
Also bring the wide end up through the neck hole, and through the junction tuck you create. Pull to tighten.

Windsor knot gives a more stylized appearance, so that expensive suit stand out. A sure fire way to stand out in the crowd is a fashionable tie. You can go plain tie (pink is the very style that moment a man), or you can go to a funky pattern.

Here is video to show you.


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