SpaceX is Succeed to Land Rocket on a Drone Ship

spaceX is succeed to sand rocket on a Drone ship

After a picture-perfect launch Dragon ISS, SpaceX successfully landed the first rocket ship moored on the coast of Florida drones.

Today is the fourth attempt SpaceX company had tried to land at the Falcon 9 unmanned boat. Rockets have not checked, but appeared in relatively calm water landing upright - from a previous attempt that led to a sharp distinction fiery crash landing.

"Rockets landed, rather than a hole in the boat or upset," SpaceX's CEO Elon Musk said at a news conference after the successful landing, he said later added: "This is another step towards the stars step. "

SpaceX successfully landed a Falcon 9 rocket in December on land after launching a satellite into orbit. Having the ability to recycle rockets is something Musk has said will "revolutionize access to space," reducing costs by as much as a factor of one hundred, he said.

"Full and rapid re-usability is fundamental," Musk noted again today.

launch site," Musk previously explained. The drone ship landings are especially needed for "high velocity missions," which would allow payloads such as satellites to reach a higher orbit, such as geostationary orbits, he said.

The liftoff this afternoon from Cape Canaveral in Florida marked the first resupply mission for SpaceX since an explosion after liftoff last June that destroyed Dragon and the thousands of pounds of cargo on board.

The rocket is being welded to the deck using steel shoes so it doesn't tip over during its trip back to port, Musk said. The plan is to re-fire that rocket about 10 times on the ground to test it before using it on a mission, possibly as early as June, he said.


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