Facebook Automatic Describe Photos to Blind user

Facebook automatic describe photos to blind user

Today the Internet has become dominated by images, and it’s the major feature that got Facebook to a Billion daily users.
No photo we can scarcely imagine Facebook, but for millions of blind and visually impaired people, Facebook photo has not reality since its launch.
But not now! Facebook has launched a system that is called automatically replace text, which by telling the blind and visually impaired users to display the contents described therein the content.
Blind and visually impaired use a technique called screen readers make use of advanced navigation software on their computers. The software will be converted into speech in the content of the screen, but it can not "read" pictures.
However, Facebook's automatic replacement text or AAT using object recognition technology to decode and describe the use of artificial intelligence to upload photos social networking site, and then in the form of a screen reader can read available to them.


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