Up to 6.5m UK Families Subscribed to Video Streaming Services

Subscribed to Video Streaming Services

According to the recent survey, almost ¼ of British (UK) families subscribe to Netflix (video streaming services). Besides, it is known that Netflix acquired 1.4 million new subscribers in 2015 who wanted to watch popular series like House of Cards. Now Netflix accounts for more than 5m households, or 24% of the total, compared with a market share of 14% a year ago.

Thus, Netflix.com company far ahead of its main competitors in the sky now, TV and Amazon Prime Instant Video. Industry observers noted that the company continues to grow faster than the industry. During this period, approximately 1.6 m households subscribe to Amazon's business in the UK, of which 300,000 in 2015 as Sky TV service now accounts for less than 1 million users joined the service. Overall, 6.5 m households in the United Kingdom signed a number of video streaming services. It must be noted that the figures provided are based on survey data and not 100% correlated with Netflix subscriptions. However, they still reveal Netflix in the country's influence and leadership of both scale.

The two leaders in the market, Netflix and Amazon, actively investing in content to attract audiences in the UK: the big-budget biopic royal crown Netflix spent £ $ 140M, Amazon reportedly spent $ 230 m in order to ensure that the former Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond service, • Jeremy Clarkson, James May.

This also proves that, 82% Netflix users, signed only Netflix, while about 50% of the Amazon and now TV subscribers also subscribe to another provider. Sky Now TV is considered to be responding to cheaper online video options of growing interest. However, the announcer explained that the service is mainly aimed at the sky who will not register a Subscriber.

The researchers concluded that the subscriber Netflix and Amazon did not use them to replace the traditional television viewing, including pay TV. They believe that, regardless of Netflix and Amazon subscribers significantly more likely to subscribe to cable or sky above average homes. That conclusion is not applicable to the present television, because this service is designed for people who only terrestrial services.

Overall, statistics show that nearly 20% do not have a subscription TV households prefer some video streaming service


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