Russian-Europe Spacecraft is Going out in Search for life on Mars

Russian-Europ spacecraft is going out in search for life on Mars
Russian-Europe spacecraft is going out in search for life on Mars

Europe and Russia in the joint mission spacecraft launched Monday to sniff out signs of life on Mars, and to mankind a step closer toward the red planet itself.Part of the process, ExoMars Mars program, launch from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan aboard Proton rocket, beginning a journey through space of seven months.It is the study of atmospheric sounding carries trace gases such as methane - closely on Earth, life in the Chemicals - previous Mars missions in the planet's atmosphere is detected."Why are we so interested in Mars? We are trying to understand is how the origin of life in our solar system," Pascal Ehrenfreund, President of the German Space Agency DLR Executive Board, held by the European Space Agency said the ceremony.Scientists believe that methane may be derived from microorganisms, known as methane dry, either under the former became extinct millions of years, leaving the gas to freeze the planet's surface, or that some methanogens still survive.

In the atmosphere of Mars methane Another explanation could be that it is by geological phenomena, such as iron oxide produced.The spacecraft will deploy a lander that will test technology needs arising from the rover to follow in 2018, step by step to overcome the future is likely to face human to Mars practical and technical challenges."I'm sure that 20 or 30 years, that moment will come when people will go to the planet," Thomas Wright, director of the European institutions manned and robotic exploration, he said.The early years?ExoMars mission to Mars in the second part of 2018 will provide Europe rover on the Martian surface. This will be the first to have both the ability to move the entire Earth's surface, and drill into the ground to collect and analyze samples."If there is early life may be found in the sub-surface shelters, methane can be connected to that," ExoMars Mars project scientist Jorge Vargo said.

Mars is an already troubled Russia almost all previous efforts, and to institutional problems NASA has a difficult task name. Currently, the US Mars rover curiosity and two operational opportunities. ExoMars ESA Mars mission, which is due in the second part of 2018 the cost will be about 1.3 one billion euros ($ 1.4 billion). Russian contribution comes from the most important Yes.


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