RIAA Responsibilities YouTube for Low Artist Royals

RIAA Responsibilities YouTube for Low Artist Royals

The Recording Industry Association of America again criticized YouTube for the low royalties paid out to music copyright owners. The group released its annual report on the recorded-music market of the United States, blaming the Google’s video service and other free streaming services for low royalties paid out to artists.

In this regard, unacceptable criticism RIAA comparison of YouTube's subscription-based music services such as Spotify premium layer or Apple's music. Recording Industry Association of America reports show that the American people for recorded music more than 1% in 2015 (a total of $ 7 billion) spent. This trend is beyond music downloads and streaming now represents the largest share of these earnings.

According to statistics, the flow of income in the country increased by 29% in 2015, paid subscriptions totaling $ 2.4 billion enjoy 52% to $ 1.22bn: Overall, nearly 13 million Americans at the end of last year, the music streaming service charge. Nevertheless, RIAA claims that free, ad-supported, "on-demand" service is not from the revenue stream growing fast enough.

In this regard, YouTube defend its impact on the music industry, noting that it had paid more than $ 3 billion of the music industry, and last year this figure increased year, even in spite of the service will go far beyond music to include other popular categories.

During the talks RIAA, YouTube reminder launch of its stand-alone YouTube music app, which is to certify that the company will provide more revenue to the music industry. It also explained that it is inappropriate to compare YouTube's music like Spotify and Apple pay audio services.


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