Netflix downgrading the video quality on AT&T, Verizon phones

Netflix downgrading the video quality

Netflix Inc said it had been lowering, downgrading the quality of its video for customers watching its service on wireless networks such as AT&T and Verizon Communications for more than five years, The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday.

The company also said that because they are not downgraded to T-Mobile USA and Sprint users video "more consumer-friendly policies," the magazine said. In a last report its also said that netflix have more then 5 million subscribers, may be this one also cause to downgrade the video quality.

In response to reporter's request for comment, Netflix company said on Thursday it had posted a blog. In his blog, the company said it had the quality of mobile video viewers only on a global scale, capping them at 600 kilobits per second, to protect consumers from more than a mobile data limit. (

The dominant online video company also said it will launch a data protection for mobile applications, which will allow users to better control the use of their data, while in the mobile network streaming.


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