Hacker can hack your Brain with Electronics

Hacker can hack your brain with electronics
Hacker can hack your brain with electronics
Neuroscientists disagreement computer stimulation can improve learning or help with depression, but that has not stopped hackers DIY give it a try
Struggling with your math homework? Sudoku proved too hard? depression? ADHD? Post-traumatic stress disorder?
There is a solution: it involves strapping electrodes to your head and your brain by feeding current. It sounds pretty good?
Amateur hacker community increasingly active in the brain, two neurologists told SXSW, all for less than $ 100 online purchase-related electrical components, and passed to the security and privacy in theory, their own home.
When Canadian neuroscientist Wilder Penfield pioneering brain surgery training and research from the 1930s to the 1950s, it relates to poke or direct electrical stimulation of the brain. Cameron Lenk Ruddock, trumpet Nathan Kline Institute in New York, director of research for the mental illness, the patient showed a video in the early 1960s who had been attached to her brain nucleus accumbens, or leisure center electrode.
She repeatedly pressing the control panel resting on her lap is directly connected to a button on her brain, when asked what it felt like she whispered "sex" button.


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