Chinese Hackers are Moving to Ransomware

Chinese Hackers are Moving to Ransomware
Chinese Hackers are Moving to Ransomware

Four separate security companies discover whether their attack from China that the issue in recent months, reveals Reuters.
There is speculation that "skilled operation" may be state-sponsored hackers.
The Chinese government said that if there is credible evidence, will be investigated.
Reliable evidence
Dell SecureWorks company inspected extortion attack ESTA 2 years - a a transport company, a technology company in a
In the second case, 30% of the company's machines are nameless captured by the hacker.
Phil Burdette, who is responsible for Dell's incident response team, said:. "This is clearly a group of skilled operators experienced a certain amount of intrusion"
Security vendors attack research, InGuardians and G-C partners said they had investigated since December as three other attacks.
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman told Reuters correspondent said that if there is reliable evidence to say that this matter will not be taken seriously on the "rumor and speculation", but the unit itself to act.
Chinese government commitment because the hacking report purchases from China fell last year, economic espionage against the agreement with the United States, some US companies.
In addition, it is hoped further cooperation with the US Internet security hacking is still the United States - China relations sore.
If the government reduces support for economic espionage, which may mean that hackers are looking for other means to supplement their income, Reuters reported.
Recently, security firm warns that the emergence of a huge blackmail spam containing container which is attributed to new malware into the market to avoid anti-virus software was found.
Blackmail over the air for several years, but better encryption technology means that it is unlikely that victims often regain access to their files, but cooperation from hackers.
Many pay extortion money Bitcoin hair is true, very few companies are acerca open this attack.


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