Twitter is going to Redesigned Homepage by putting Tweets to Individuals

twitter redesigned

Twitter products made by the company on Wednesday Feb 10 2016, vary widely, the company said it would recast his personal homepage users to customize their tweets will be displayed instead of the reverse chronological display uniformity tweet.

To change the schedule - as the home page, it is called - also aims to highlight the tweet advertisers pay more for product promotion, to attract advertisers.

Prior to the fourth quarter earnings to investors, who have passed the product easier to use, to increase the amount of advertising revenue growth and force the user to change from hours Twitter companies.

It is reported that Twitter can change the plan surfaced last week, prompting the user to include a subject tag # Twitter RIP chirp sigh. They say, habits, or algorithm, timetable - similar to Facebook's news feed - means that Twitter will lose one of its characteristic signs.

The move has paid advertisers face higher expected personal tweet timeline, making it more likely that the user will respond in the ad.

In his blog, Twitter testing new schedule, it is considered to increase the campaign of user interaction. Advertisers, their ad may be lost in the opposite schedule.
Twitter users and billions of analyzed tweets how to determine what content they are most interested in.
When the user opens their schedule, they will tweet from the past few hours Twitter see that they are most likely to interact. This is what they will see the traditional reverse schedule.
Users can opt out of the new algorithm timeline.

Jack Dorsey, co-founder and CEO Twitter, last week sought to reassure users in a series of tweets is Twitter will continue to broadcast the local news and commentary.

"Twitter is real-time. Twitter is about who & what you follow. And Twitter is here to stay! By becoming more Twitter-y," Dorsey wrote. "We're going to continue to refine it to make Twitter feel more, not less, live!"


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