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blog archives widget

Archive is the best way to categorized the blog by date. Here is the way how to add the archives widget in blogger. you need to do some simple steps, and here is little info about it.


When most people visit your site, they will see that most of the articles, at least three to ten years depending on them anywhere, whether you have them linked to the long "back." Behind them, you mean is an archive plug-in crashes. Of course, this begs the question - what is search engine optimization blog forever lost in the archives or they can still access the search engine.

Even if your blog posts from the past are not displayed on the blog page, but that does not mean they can not access the good news search engines or your readers. Most blog software and networking vendors offer some form of archiving systems, so that readers can easily search for another article of your blog. In fact, a small box that lets you search for blog readers are a good plug, when you select a vendor to see.

Sometimes, from a list or split another page document lists the date. In other templates, you can also scroll down the general category of the side of your blog, people can click on to read a list of other subjects. Another possibility may be placed on a web page calendar object, so that people can find the latest blog archives. Another approach is to make all the category title for your blog as keyworded title and keep a lot of them. In multiple categories more keywords to describe your blog archives, you must provide to search engines.

How to Create an Archive in Blogger

In order to get an archive, you do not have to suffer much. Creating an archive is just a piece of cake. All you have to do is to follow these steps:

Go to Blogger >> Layout
Select "Add a Gadget". 
Now from the list of different gadgets select "Archive".
Save the gadget and you're done.


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