Make Professional Blogger Templates Using Artisteer Software

create blogger templates

Do you hate to code, here is the method to design the blogger template without code, using tool artisteer. It also have some predesign tools installed in it, which can also implemented in blogger template.

About Blogger Templates

Although blogspot default theme is not enough, most Blogger like to customize their blog, accurately reflect their blog yes. Fortunately, Blogger control panel that provides quick installation Blogger templates.

Find Blogger Templates

There are many sites that offer free or paid templates to blogspot account. Headhunting "Blogger templates" will hundreds of sites, you can browse templates.
Blogger templates usually in the form of XML documents. Website Blogger templates usually have a download link, allowing you to save the template on your computer. When you save a template XML file.

This is a performance of the popular blog platform. These are great marketing tools, specialized companies to promote their products or services. Therefore, once you have a blog, you will have no choice but to act as professional-looking as possible, in order to capture potential customers and consumers. The first thing you need to do is Blogger templates.

Read Top 65 Blogger Templates

Blogger templates help beautify your website. There are hundreds of free templates available online with lots of colorful design that will give you just a very difficult time selection. Instead, these templates sort through alone, you can try based on specific criteria or themes, one of which is related to personal search

Create Blogger Templates

  • Download and install Atisteer from there official site
  • Click on File >>New >>Blogger
artisteer main page

  • You may choose side bar if you want

change sidebar

  • Change Header with Option below

change header

  • Change articles design layout

  • Change Blog Layout
layout artisteer

  • Finally Export the Template
  • Click on File >>Export >>Export Template

One more thing i want to add is, you can't add this template direct to the blogger site, you have to host the site and images that used to run the template. This export also gives you the images which is going to uploaded on any hosting.
After Uploading the images on hosting server, just provide the address of image in XML Exported file.


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