Make the Blogger Blog Private Easily

make blogger blog private 
You just made a blog and want to make it private in blogger? Well this is the easiest way to do this. You need some very simple steps to do.

  • Login to Dashboard
  • Go to Setting >>Basic
  • Under Blog Reader Change it What ever you want

  •  In Blog readers section there are 2 option default is Public, Change it any that you want.

About Blog

Answer this question is very simple, but only if you understand its meaning. Blog on behalf of Web logs This is a type of Internet service. People who write a blog are called blog. It provides an opportunity, usually posted online blog topic-based content. It can be considered a diary, you can write your opinion. They are arranged in chronological order. They initially began in the 1990s, they gained immense popularity in 2004, is a kind of social networking sites, blog authors can use their own personal or professional purposes. Some publishers use their blog to promote and publish their books. Use blog published a book called "block."

Different types of blog follows:

There are two main types of blog. The first blog is a personal blog, blog place to write in their lives in some important events. The second class blog is a company or organization's blog. The organization blog is mainly used for advertising purposes. The organization blog is usually businessmen, soldiers, and so on. They want to promote their products and keep its audience the latest events for different services. They can also use their own proposals blog advertising or sales. This is to help people understand before buying a particular product.


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