Create Stylish Customized Mobile Blogger Website

blogger mobile website

You didn't like default website of blogger, here is good news for you to design create stylish customized mobile friendly website easily without any coding.

  • Insert URL and click on Go Mobile
  • Choose layout you want and click on next
  • click on Basic Free
  • Insert Email and Password to make account
  • Click on Create My Account
  • Now you have got your mobile url and click on setup my mobile website redirect
  • Copy the code you finally got while see the above image.
  • Now go to >> Template >> Edit HTML
  • Paste the Code after <head>


Mobile Website: The next really amazing thing on the Internet.

About half of American adults use smart phones, the number is growing every day. In the next few years, more and more people will use their mobile devices to connect to the Internet than their PC or Mac. If your customers are looking for and using mobile devices to purchase, your business needs has been transferred. When it comes to mobile revolution, you need to adapt or go out of business.

Mobile is where the action!

People have almost all the time, their smart phones. Google did a study showed that research local businesses and people to call or visit more than three-quarters of a day, over 80% of smart phone users use their devices every day. When people are ready to take action, they use their mobile phones to influence their decisions. Your business needs to have a local action. More and more, that is mobile.

Customers want you to move.

When using a mobile device customers visit your site, they want to be optimized for mobile phones. They need a fast, easy way to check your products, services, shopping, map your location or look up phone numbers. The reality is that non-mobile sites often looks awesome mobile devices. It is difficult to navigate and locate information. Google found that people who believe that a website is difficult to use 79% of people will give up and look for a mobile device to other sites, most likely, your competitors.


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