How to Permanent Protect, Remove Virus from USB or SD Card until Format

Don't need to install heavy Antivirus to protect the USB or SD Card, here is quick and secure way to protect it permanent until you format the memory.

protect usb

In the event that you have a USB, SD Card which has endured an infection assault some time recently, then you will clearly admit that it is a terrible ordeal to be working with a PC with infections. A USB Virus infection can misshape the elements of your PC to extremes that you will never have the capacity to manage. Case in point, a Virus infection can bring about your memory to vanish as though it were not there. This is conceivable if your PC has been assaulted by a worm. Worms can guarantee that the limit of your PC to store information turns out to be altogether diminished. You must protect the USB and SD Cards.

panda usb

Download Panda USB Vaccine

  • Install the software and plugin the usb or SD-Card into the computer.
  • Open the software and you see the following screen
  • Select the USB Drive
  • Click on Vaccinate USB
  • Enjoy now the USB or SD-Card is Safe for work
If you format the USB Flash Driver or SD-Card then You have to make this work again.

You must Run the software with Admin Privileges


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