Get PR 7, PA 60, DA 90+ Instant Backlinks Direct to Your Website

Links are very important to make website alive and to get better ranking signals in google, here are some methods which help you to get the top links of PR7, DA60 plus. We can not make our own site or own link which have 60PA or 90+DA, So now what to do to get links here are 3 top ways to do that.

  1. Getting Redirects
  2. Writing for them
  3. Commenting of Other Blogs

Getting Redirects

There are Some website which allows you to add redirect to the specific websites and this is the way we got to page authority links i also made these type of links and it really help a lot. 

Let start get some quality redirects 

Some sites provide the URL Shortener service which means we are getting quality redirect here are some of them. URL Shortener - Shorten, customize and track your links. Twitter URL Shortener (can not be used outside Twitter). is the URL Shortener used by Linked In. is the URL Shortener used by Dropbox. Quora uses the short domain "" when generating external links. - The URL shortener service with make money option. Google URL Shortener. bitly shorten, share and track your links. Bitcoin-based advertising url shortener by - shorten that long URL into a tiny URL. and - Shorten urls, share files and track visits - Owly.

Go to every Page and insert the website link and collect shorted URL's, here is one example how it look like.

Google URL Shortener

And copy shorted Link

This is shorted URL of my website 
Just go to every site that listed above and make some short links, once done copy and save them as DOC Format Using any tool, I mostly use Word Document to do that.

Once you save it Now go to and upload the file to slideshare with title of My Website Shorted Links. With this the shorted links get index by google and bring some backlinks.

Commenting & Guest Blogging

Install Moz Toolbar in Firefox and search this in google.

For commenting

"Powered by Wordpress" "Leave a comment" "Your Keyword here"

Just replace Your keyword here with your proper niche or post title topic that you want to create some links,

Sort the google results by their PA and DA, go to any of them and leave a comment with your page link.

For Guest Blogging

Search in Google
"Submit guest post" "Contact" "Your keyword here" 
Replace your keyword here with real one.
Sort the results by PA and DA, which appear with the toolbar of moz your installed in firefox.
Go to every page and submit your guest post, if it accepted you got powerful link back to the post.

Here are some sites which accept guest posts
Feel free to include anything in comment below.


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