Insert Header in Blogger blog (without coding)

You can easily insert the header to blogger blog without any type code installation, it’s very easy you just need to do some clicks like it tell you here and you are done, if you already saved an image of blogger header it’s good to do that otherwise you will know here how to design blogger blog header in Photoshop. If you already have just ignore it and go further here.

•    Go to blogger Dashboard.
•    Select the blog that you want to change the header.
•    Go to the Layout of the blog.
•    When the page loads you can see the title of your blog which appear in rectangle box.
•    At the lower right corner see the edit button and click on it.
•    A new window appear and click on the browse button to select the image that you saved in your pc or laptop.
•    Now the preview auto loads


  •  Now upload the header that you want from your computer and click on save.
Here you have three options that how the image looks on your blog, you must select one of them that you like I explain the every option here.

1.    Behind title and description
2.    Instead of title and description
3.    Have a description placed after the image

1) You can chose this option if you want to display the title and description on your blog and want to show the header behind the title and description.

2) You can chose this option if you don’t want to see the title and description like in my blog I have made a header in Photoshop and added it on.

3) Use this if you want to only that description placed after the image or header that you uploaded

  • Now the everything is done
  • Click on the save button (and the window automatically closed)
  • Go to your homepage of blogger and see that header is added as same options that you chose while adding it.

•    You can still change the setting just go back to Edit process and select the other option that you find it useful and again save it.

Remember you will find the resolution of header when you click on browse to upload at end of opened window, you must change its size before adding otherwise click on the Shrink to fit check box to avoid image size problem.

Why we use header

You know what actually most people that using internet and running their own blog not using the custom header because they even don’t know the importance of using custom header, you can attract the users to you website with beautiful headers that elaborates the site content.

User Experience

You know that I am also using the header image on my website, this is just because of user experience. I am explaining little bit more, adding a header image will increase the traffic or visitors to your website. It’s depend on you how your header image looks like, you site is all about health content you should use health header, if you site is about sports you should use sports header.

Any Problem or Question

If you find any problem by doing this header image installation just free to ask here I will let solve problem for you thanks.


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