New Stylish Countdown Widget for Blogger

Christmas is really near and we have already started our Count down. This widget does what the name recommends. It will display the quantity of days, hours minutes and second left till Christmas. When it reaches the target date, it will display a Greeting Message

You can see a demo of this Widget on my Sidebar. On the off chance that you require a greater demo, here it is:

How to add it into blogger

  • Click on Layout
  • Click on Add a Widget
  • Like you see in the image

  • And paste the following code in it.

The widget makes utilization of some basic JavaScript strategies which displays the check down based on the User's System Time. You can tweak the Widget by Editing the Widget Content. On the off chance that you loved the check down, do share it with your companions and please fill us in regarding whether you have any proposals for enhancing the widget.

You may change the time while in the code.

Enjoy, Reply me if there is any problem


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