How to Fix 404 Page not Found, not exist Error for Blogger

There is big problem in blogger about page fixing of 404 not found not exist error. We need to make some little changes in blogger setting to remove these type of errors. You know that blogger is very simple than any other blogging platform, so it’s very easy to fix this error.

•    Simple go to your blogger blog
•    Select the blog that you want to fix the 404 error or page not found, exist error
•    Go to setting of selected blog
•    Click on search preferences in setting section
•    Now see beneath the errors and redirection you find Custom Page Not Found
•    Click on edit button
•    And now paste the following code in the box

Replace it with your desired page that you want to move may be your site homepage or contact page.

Why we use this code on every blog

If you already install the webmaster tools and analytic account for blogger then you must know that in crawling section there are many problem came out, to solve these type of errors we must use this trick to avoid any crawling problem of google searches.

Its better way to remove the crawling errors in google webmaster tools, if you not installed webmaster for blogger currently here is how to do that.


You can easy use this code in blogger just follow the above step, with this way you can control the error fixing of 404 page not found or page not exist error in webmaster tools, or any type of wrong page that typed in address bar after your domain name.

Any Problem

As my thinking this code is working on every blogger blog but even if you find any problem that blogger addresses are not properly redirecting to main page just ask me in comments here and share the URL where the problem occur I will let solve it for you. Thanks


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