Releasing "Blue Chromeat" Blogger Template Free Download

I am glad to introduce you a new stylish blogger template which include many option that you must install it on your site. This template is totally designed by me, and its name is "Chromeat". I am adding total chrome app which looks like google chrome application site.                               

  • Simple upload the template to your blog by clicking on Template >> backup/restore at right corner of blog.
  • Here is how to add the social media button to this theme. (If not attached)
  • Simple add the gadget with name of social media and add the following code in it (It will also add the facebook popup box)


           You have to find the line in the above code and replace it with your own facebook page. Don't change anything otherwise the code will not work.
  • To add a sticky text on above of all post you must drag the html/javascript widget on above of all post like this and add the following code in it, you can also edit the text at what ever you want.


  • You can edit this code just  change the text what ever you want, 
  • change the IMG url that you want to display the image.
  • Change the URL to what you want to link the image.
  • You can also Ignore this widget if you want

  1. To add the popular Posts simple add the popular posts widget and its looks same like it shown in blog
  2. To add Tags just add the tags widget in default blogger gadgets, and your tags looks same like above.
  3. You must also Remain the widget place same like shown on above picture to see the right view of site

Please Respect the Credits and Links, There is too much hard work done by me to complete this theme.

If you feel any problem to install it, just let me know in comments.


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