Add Boarder around Images of Blogger Blog

Images looks ugly especially when you are using the internet pages, you must add boarder to images in blogger blog. With this your images looks more pretty and a normal ready can understand where the images are closing. If the background of your website is white and you are adding the white image it creates a different situation, and can be identified image close pixel.

For this you have to add beautiful boarder to blogger blog.


To do this you have to do some simple steps.
  • Login to blogger Dashboard
  • Go to Template -- > Edit HTML
  • Find the following code
  • Just above this code insert this code
  • Save Setting, and you are done.

  1. You can also edit the setting in the code, change the color by editing # code, you can insert any code color that you want.
  2. Also change the padding and radius of boarder.
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Feel any problem in installing just let me know in comments.


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