Design a Blogger Website Header in Photoshop

There are many ways to make blogger website header in Photoshop. If you are little expert in using it, just follow simple steps and you are ready to make your own blogger website header. This is just concept you can use your own creative mind to design the header.

If you website is all about cricket you must use your own mind that how the header looks and which things I must put in the blogger header image.

If you are making celebrity website you must shows some popular celebrities pics or some concept which show the fashion style.   

Download offline photoshop cs6 at

Here is the video which shows you how to design it, just follow the simple steps:

Want to download this video click here to download hd format video, You must watch the whole video to get real skills.

If you feel any problem in designing the header just comment below and i try to help you out.


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