Stylish Professional Wallpapers Blogger Template Download

So i am going to share some new blogger template which is all about wallpapers, if you need some blogger template which has full screen template for wallpaper then this one that i am going to share with you named "Especial Template" is best ever i see, so this template is full of colors and there is a background on it, its power to attract the visitors to the site is very much. You can easily apply this template to your site or blog if you want.

Here it is,

If you know hat how to install the blogger template then just escape this otherwise go here to know how to install template on blogger blog.

This template Looks like this,


 Some Major points of the templates that i want to show to you are under,

  • Name ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   Especial Blogger Template
  • Creator ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  • Distributor ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  • License  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  Common Attribution License 3.0
  • Color  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  Silver Professional Color
  • Title ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   Editable Title
  • Edit ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   Easily Edit the Template
  • Applicable ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   Applicable to Almost all Blogger blogs
  • Ads Ready ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   Template is Ads Ready
  • Thumbnail ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   Template has a thumbnail view

Powerful Design: 

Well if you see behind then this template has a powerful design ever i see, a professional template for blogger which is also found on premium account is now going to get for free. I would 100% recommend this template ever for you. Well there are many other template available there but this one i see is better then ever.


This template is one of those templates which are easy to customize ever, if you like to edit then its coding isn't more difficult, You just have to read little about XML files and some basic html codes over and you can easily customize it,

There is also another way to edit the template without coding is going through blogger template designer, You can add css from it and also there are many edit options are available over there.

Slideshow support:

Template also support the slideshow you can edit them by find the text that display on the slideshow in the template and can edit them as you want. Its very easy just where you download this template edit The XML template and then find text that display on the slideshow and replace links and text with your own.

Ads Ready:

Template is also ads ready you just have to put the code behind it to work, Its already work with Adsense so you don't need to edit the more template. (Well there are many other tools that you can find it on our main site which help you to make a better blog of blogger).

So finally if there is any problem by installing this template feel free to ask it in comments, I will let you try to solve that problem.


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