A Beautiful Label, Category Widget For Blogger Blogs

Here i am going to share a new widget name categories or label widget blogger. This gadget is necessary for most every blogger blog because it makes blogger style and looks like categories. You know that in wordpress we have some other powerful tools which we can use and enhance the setting of template but we can't do more in blogger because its not self hosted and not provide the such type of full information, so we use label widget as a category widget and its very easy to use, You just have to do some css codes that i already give this to you hear and you have to just add them to blogger blog ...

So here it is,

Categories widget looks like this

  • Go to your blogger dashboard
  • Click the Layout section of blogger blog that you want to add categories.
  • Click on Add a Widget , A new window appear and click on Label widget by scrolling down.
  • See the blew and Click on save after the same setting you did that show in picture
  •  Now Go to blogger select your Template section of blogger
  • Click on Edit HTML like in the box

  • And and find this code           ]]></b:skin>                   
  • And just above this just add this code.

    •  Remember you have to paste the code on above the ]]></b:skin>                          

     Why Category widget:

    You know that categories is the most important tool that user can navigate from one page to another, on the wordpress platform this is very easy but on blogger you have to work little then more smart, So you have to some labels to the post to search it through, Simple when you post the new article on your blogger blog you have to add the labels on it to search easily.

    How does it work:

    Simple this code contain the CSS data and runs normal it add little bricks style box around the lables and it looks like the category widget, Actually blogger already running the labels and it search it through the main page when some one add the label widget to the site.

    Any Problem or Suggestion:

    If you find any problem by installing this widget the you can leave the comment here and i will try to remove it, if there is any problem by adding the code or any problem for installing it, Then leave a comment here and i will let do for you.



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