How To Install Instagram Widget For Blogger Blogs

Here i am going to share you that how to install the instagram widget to blogger blog, its very simple and you don't need any professional skills to install it on your blogs, Yon know that if you are register on Instagram website and you want to show its photos on your blog, then you have to add little code to your blog, Here it that what to do, Simple

  • Go to
  • Paste the Username in front of user section
  • Insert #tag (its like keyword, and it display the #tag related photos from your section)
  • You can also edit, boarder size, widget type and background color
  • And finally you got the code for it
Here is the image that shows you how to do that

  • You have to fill all these information
  • You can also see the preview of your slideshow that how it looks like
  • Just click on Preview button if you want to see the preview
  • If you are final and want to add the widget then click on Get Code Button
And the following simple message appears,

  • Copy the code and paste it your blogger >> Layout >> Add a Widget >> HTML/Javascript
Its very simple here the screenshot what you have to do in blogger.

And your widget is finally installed, Now enjoy and refresh your blogger homepage and the images like slideshow are displaying on your penal where you add the gadget.
You know that its not very difficult to do so, So if there is any problem let ask me and i will find it with my way.

Why we add widget:

You know that someone who has a special widget to there sites and have some good wallpapers to sell then this is good way that you can also sell the photos if some people like it, If you add a little link to buy these photo along with your slideshow may some one intersted in your pictures and buy it from the link.

So this is very good way to increase your sales of photos that you created, but some users just add these photos for popularity so they god some visitors to there photos and they become little famous over there.

If you feel any problem while installing the gadget please feel free to ask in comments and i will find solution for it thanks.


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