How to Add Google Plus Comments Widget To Blogger Blog Easily

So now i am going to show you how to install the google plus comment gadget or widget to blogger blog its very easy to do, you just have to click on the little button that shows on the blogger blog, this widget bring more powerful professionalism in the site or your blogger blog, so here is how to install the widget.

 You must using the normal blogger own templates to use this gadget otherwise you have to add it manually.

  • Open your blogger account and go to the google+ section of blogger
  • Click on the drop down arrow
  • Now a new menu appear and you have to click on google+ 
  • One it clicked a new page loaded and you can see that there is two option showing on the page 
 Like shown in this picture: 

                    Prompt to share after posting
                    Use Google+ Comments on this blog

  • So you have to click on the check box as a () mark 
  • And finally your gadget is installed

This gadget is very beautiful and you can install it on the blogger without any type of the problem which can't bring any type of the resistance.

You know that mostly comment section of any website or blog bring some wrong response to the blog, people specially from india and china create some high level spam comment to rank some page in search engines. With this installation they can't able to d because google comment system can't help those links.

You can increase the social points because its already fully socialized, and you just have to share it on your social programs like twitter, Facebook and other networks.

People like those blogs which don't require some more internal work to add there opinion so if the anyone want to add some comment then he/she can easily do that through google+.

This comment system is brought to you by which is social network site and if you have some major people in your circles and also have some followers then this is good for you because if you add this box then the people that are from the google plus they can easily add comment and it will shown on your blogger comment section which is more better the first they come on your blog and then they read or add comment on it.

One more powerful merit of the comment system is that links that shown in the box are not cowled by the search engines which is a new way to avoid the spam, you can easily control the  spam by adding it to your site or any blog.

I am also using the Google plus comment system because its more elegant and powerful then any other.

If there is any problem while adding the box replay me in comment and i solve it.



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