Scrolling Floating Social Media Horizontal Bar Blogger Widget

A new gadget for blogger name horizontal floating social gadget bar for blogger, I am going to introduce this new gadget bring more attraction to your blog if you are going to see the main blog or even your website. You know that collecting the social signals for your site or blog isn’t so easy then you have to add some HTML/Java-Script codes to your website or blog to increase the social points, so if some one really involve in your site then definitely he should also get updates from your social networks where he mostly logged in. see scrolling widget for blogger here.

So in this way you will get social signals to your site or blog and it also create a meaningful traffic to your site which cause some bucks in your bank account (if you are making money from your site or blog). Look for countdown gadget for blogger here.

So here are the steps that you have to do to add this type of social bar to the blog on whatever you want.

You have to do 2 steps to still work this gadget to your site here it is.

  • Go to your blogger dashboard.
  • Click on the Template of the blogger blog.
  • Now the new page appears and you have to select Edit HTML from the page like here.
  • Now look on the code and just about 5 to 6 lines you will find <head> tag around.
  • You just have to add this little code blew the <head> tag
    • Here is the code to add.

    • Now click on Save Template after adding above code in head tag.
    • Go back to blogger homepage.

    Now you don’t need to add any more codes to your blog I make a code which automatically add the code to your site.

    Just click blew button to add step2 to your blogger blog (without it your gadget is not shown)
    After clicking on it select your blog and then click on Add widget

    Now your gadget is added successfully to your blogger blog, you can see that at the bottom of the blogger blog there is new gadget added and it’s scrolled with the page navigation and it still and sticky when you go down or up the page.

     You already know that gadgets are more important and play a vital role in the design of any blog, if there are some blog exist without any gadgets and they are just not useful for any type of work, there are many wrong thinking generated once your blog outlook isn’t more attractive, with gadgets your blog has,

    • A man eye-catching colors and design
    • Powerful ways to easily navigate
    • Social connections
    • And many more
    So finally want to say that these gadgets are most important for any blog even they are sports related or any type of medical related or any type of news related you have to add these gadgets to blogs to make more effective to make more socialize.

    If there is any problem to installing the gadget let ask in comments.


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