How to Add Cloud Label Widget to Blogger Blog Easily

So for next time i am again here to share a widget for blogger cloud label which is also good looks when you add it on your blog. Widget has a power of direct to show that how much labels are used and in a separate point, so you just have to add a little work on your blogger and its fine and work good, So here it is how it looks.

 Now simple follow these steps:

  • Go to your blogger dashboard
  • Select your blogger blog
  • Click on Layout from Drop Down menu (shown in picture)
  • A new Window appear
  • Click on Add gadget
  • Scroll down until you find Labels Click on it.

  • Now select cloud radio button from the box and then click on save
  • You are done your widget is added successfully.
What is labels widget:?

If we see deeply then we can find a way that a user can easily search the word or phrase that he need in your site instead of searching it on other website or Google search. So if the user want to see that where is this post located then he will find the way where you site post is added, actually this label post looks like tag in other words, people can find that how much tags are used in the post section and which post are higher in the blog in term of keywords. This is the main thing that label do, normally there is no way to add the tags buttons but still there is options of labels in blogger and we can use them.

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Why label widget:

You there is many other ways that a person can search things on your site but this is the good and nice way that people search your post and read them, if they like the post then they may share it on their social networks which is a good signal for all of the site admins.
Label widget is powerful tool which contain the most used keyword or phrase in the whole blog. With this user can easily see that which way is better to search on blog.
Labels are just another way to get more optimize your content if you just little bit know about seo then it is not a big deal that a labels on blogger blog bring more organic work to your blog through search engines.

So finally If you see any problem regarding blogger widgets adding a cloud label widget to blogger just hit reply here and I am here to solve you always. Thank


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