Adding A Popular Post Widget To Blogger Blogs

So here now i am telling you how to add popular post widget to blogger which is very easy to do. Before adding this gadget to your blog we have to find that why and which thing this widget bring in your blog. This one brings more visitors to your blog with more effective way. There are some more merits and works are here which brings results after adding this to your blogger blog.
1. Attract more visitors to your blogger blog.
2. People easily know your top viewed post.
3. Its easy to navigate from one post to another.
4. Blog look more professional.

So here are some steps to add it to your blog.

Setup 1.

            Go To Blogger > Layout
            Then click on "Add a Gadget"  Like in image

     Now the box of gadget will appear like this.
     You have to select Populer Posts

 So now here Next the new box appear after clicking on it.
 Its look like this.

 Here you have some new options about editing the popular post widget
 If you check the box of  "image thumbnail" it display the image thumbnail in posts
 If you uncheck it simply it don't diplay any image and only text will appear.
 Click on save and Enjoy.
Your popular post gadget added to your blog


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